Delivering food, housing, and health to people living with chronic illnesses, including HIV/AIDS

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Personal Stories

Tranisha's Story: Leader in Training

23 years ago, my mother and father were living together in Seattle and about to have a baby girl. My future wasn’t the brightest; unfortunately things turned downhill quickly when they both started relying on alcohol and drugs.

Mike's Story: My Personal Growth

I never really considered myself to be sexually ‘high risk’. Throughout undergrad I was engaged in the LGBTQ nonprofit world pretty consistently.

Eli and Duke: Rockstar Delivery Drivers

Rachel Voelke, Assistant Manager of Distribution at Lifelong’s Chicken Soup Brigade program, took a few minutes to talk with two of Lifelong’s Delivery Drivers, Eli and Duke.

Geoffrey's Story: From Client to Volunteer

In the late 1990s, Geoffrey struggled with psoriasis, which was brought on by a minor finger injury. In the summer of 2000, the condition suddenly became severe, having been complicated by a staph infection.