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Stories from the Heart

Your dose of inspiration starts here.

The following stories are stories from the heart as shared by our amazing clients, volunteers, and community members who have bravely offered to put themselves out there for the world to see.

We hope that you will be inspired to be a part of Lifelong some way, whether by making a financial gift, signing up to volunteer, attending an event, or participating in our advocacy work. Thanks for all you do!

Heart-to-Heart: Norman's Story

Norman is a kind, energetic man who talks with his hands and always with a smile.  He ended up in Seattle in April of 1993. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Norman left home for a fresh start.

Heart-to-Heart: Victor Lockhart

When you meet Victor Lockhart for the first time, you can’t help but smile. Though gruff on the phone, in person the “Mayor” (as he is called by his case manager due to his warm demeanor and ability to work a room) is warm, funny, and prone to long stories about growing up in Seattle.

Heart-to-Heart: Bruce and Blu

Bruce and Blue were recently featured in Lifelong's fundraising letter. Their story is one of devotion and hope. Our heart sings for these two.

Heart-to-Heart: Jonah's Story

This is a story about Jonah, a young man who came to Lifelong in search for help with his struggle with homelessness. Along the way, he received emotional support, words of encouragement, and a new lease on life, thanks to his case manager. Read their story, written in their own words. 

Heart-to-Heart: Tranisha's Story

This is the story of Tranisha, a young woman who was born with HIV. Tranisha is going to change the world one day through her advocacy work in the HIV youth moment. 

Heart-to-Heart: Mike's Story

In his own words, Michael shares his personal journey as a young man living with HIV.