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Lifelong Dental Program Residence Eligibility

 Acceptable documentation of residency eligibility includes:

  • Unexpired Washington State Driver’s License or ID card
  • Unexpired Tribal ID card
  • Utility Bill
  • Lease, rental, mortgage, or moorage agreement
  • Current Washington State Voter Registration Card
  • Letter from lease-holding roommate that includes lease holder’s name, address, relationship to the client and lease holder’s telephone number
  • Public assistance benefits letter or correspondence (SSI/SSDI/DSHS/Veterans, etc.) with client name and address
  • Court Corrections proof of identity
  • Homeowner’s association letter/agreement
  • Washington State vehicle title or registration card
  • Provider One (Medicaid) printout that includes county of residence
  • Early Intervention Program (EIP) letter that includes client residential address
  • Homeless verification form signed by client, HIV medical case manager, or other agency staff member